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Stephen Mayo | Clumsy At First

Clumsy At First

Aug. 7, 2022

If you've ever injured your dominant arm or hand, you've learned how awkward it can be to do everyday tasks with your non-dominant side.  Brushing your teeth left-handed? Using the mouse on your computer? Trying to write or type?

And you've probably also learned how quickly you can become proficient, simply with practice.

This growth happens out of necessity when we experience a sudden injury.  But why wait for an unexpected circumstance to challenge the status quo? 

Just as you might say "I can't brush my teeth left-handed", there are probably a hundred other things you think you can't do.   "I can't give good presentations, I can't close the big sale, I can't get my kids to listen to me".

But these limitations exist only in our mind.

Why not challenge these beliefs? 

Especially at first, you might be awkward and clumsy, just like spreading jam on toast with your off-hand.   But if you stick with it (the hardest part), you will almost certainly get better.

Do you realize what you are capable of?

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