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Stephen Mayo | "Want To" Vs. "Have To"

"Want To" Vs. "Have To"

July 10, 2022

Think about your next task, assignment or chore.

Ask yourself: do you "want to" do this task? or do you "have to" do this task?

"Want to" is creative and generative. It's full of contribution, choice and freedom.

"Have to" is conflicted and destructive. It's full of obligation, resistance and stress.

If you find yourself saying “I don’t want to, but I have to”, ask yourself: what’s the conversation you really need to have?  

Is it a conversation with the person who says you "have to" do this?  

Or is it a conversation with yourself, until you recognize "it's not pleasant, but actually this is something I do want to do".  

Either of those conversations could be incredible instructive.  And they might dramatically improve the creative energy you bring to the task and the satisfaction you experience in the process. 

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