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Stephen Mayo | Not Strangers to Me

Not Strangers to Me

Sept. 4, 2022

Cora: “How do you know so much about a pack of strangers?”

Edith: “They’re not strangers to me.”

       - PBS Television Series Downton Abbey, Season 2


For you:

How long does someone remain a stranger to you?

At what point do you let your guard down and permit yourself to be known?

What does it mean to know someone else?

Do you really need time together? If yes, how much?


Or is it a matter of deciding: Stranger, I won’t let my fears of how you might hurt me to stop me from being open, comfortable and generous with you.  I can see the benefits of being vulnerable and I trust that I have what it takes to avoid harm.


There’s no telling what you may discover when you decide to really get to know another person.  

And there’s no telling what doors may open when you allow others to know you, too.


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