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Stephen Mayo | Taking The Long View

Taking The Long View

May 1, 2022

It takes over 6,500 days for a child to turn 18 years old.

It takes thousands of hours of focused practice to develop expertise in a field.

Most doctors spend at least 10 years in school before receiving their MD.

A company can be started in a week, but it typically takes decades for it to develop into a mature organization employing thousands of people.

Most of the really valuable things in life take a long time to build, grow and mature.

It can be hard to remember this when we’re in the heat of an argument, or trying to meet a deadline, or going through a rough patch with a family member. But taking the long view tends to help us be more patient, more loving, more resilient and more creative.

When we see the big picture, we’re more willing to invest in the future, more apt to address and resolve differences, and more likely to do what we think is right.  And while it can be tempting to just do what’s needed to get through the day, it’s a lot more satisfying to use today to build something that will last.

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