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Stephen Mayo | Starting Early

Starting Early

Jan. 15, 2023

When a captain is guiding their ship from the ocean into port, they give obstacles a wide berth.


If it’s a really large vessel, they give obstructions an even wider berth and start preparations well in advance, because the ship doesn’t respond quickly to changes, and if they don’t start early, the adjustments will take too long to take effect.


What are the big things you want in life?  Are you moving now to get yourself in position?

  1. Are you acquiring the skills now, for the promotion or role you want in 5 years?
  2. Are you working on your relationships, to build friendships you cherish?
  3. Are you saving money, so you can buy the home you want in 10 years?
  4. Are you preparing your body and mind so you can keep up with your kids for years to come?


Most accomplishments get easier the earlier you start, and most habits get harder to change the longer you wait.

What plans will you act on today?


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