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Stephen Mayo | Finding YOUR Super Bowl

Finding YOUR Super Bowl

Feb. 12, 2023

In the United States the Super Bowl will be played this evening.  Millions of viewers will watch the game around the world.  By definition, this makes the event popular. But is the game meaningful?

Meaning is an intangible, subjective attribute. No one can determine what's meaningful to me, except me.  Meaning cannot be captured, stored or transferred.  It exists only in the here and now.  To find meaning in something, I simply decide that it matters to me.  Meaning costs nothing to create, yet everyone seems to want more of it.  Why is something so desirable also so hard-to-find?

I think part of the answer is, we forget that each of us makes the meaning for ourselves.  So we get caught up watching the big games, listening to the big influencers and following the latest trends of what everyone else thinks is important. We're looking for meaning out there, when the source of the meaning is inside us

We forget that the formula for creating meaning is straightforward:

  1. Look inward, and decide what matters most to you
  2. Participate in it


If we're not attentive to it, it's easy to spend our life the way we spend Super Bowl Sunday: watching the big event instead of participating in the games that matter most to us.

If you enjoy the Super Bowl, great.  Watch it and have a blast.

Then go find your Super Bowl, the thing that matters more than anything in the world to you, and get out on the field tomorrow.


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