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Stephen Mayo | Small Talk

Small Talk

Sept. 3, 2023

I've never heard someone say "I really enjoy small talk". 

I've heard many people dismiss these pleasantries as superficial and have even made these comments myself.

The people who relish small talk don't use that phrase, because they don't see it as small.  It isn't trivial time that can be glossed over. Casual chitchat is how they warm up the conversation. To them, asking a question about family, recent news or the upcoming holiday isn't an obligatory step.  It's a chance to be curious.  It's an opportunity to establish common ground and trust before diving into a more weighty topic. It's fun.

What are the activities you dismiss as trivial? What are the things you think are a waste of time, but your spouse, child, friend, coworker or boss thinks are highly material?  If you could appreciate what they appreciate, even if you don't agree, what else might change? 

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