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Stephen Mayo | Today is Today

Today is Today

March 21, 2021

I cannot experience yesterday's frustrations, or tomorrow's frustrations, today.


If I'm experiencing frustration now, it's because I'm frustrated now.


  1. If I deal with today's frustrations well, it's likely I will only experience that frustration once (today).  If I deal with it poorly, it's likely I will continue to experience it day after day.
  2. If I worry about tomorrow's frustrations today, then I've just made them today's frustrations*.
  3. If you consider frustration an enjoyable experience, and one that makes you more effective at doing your work, then by all means, embrace it.  If not, it's worth asking, "what would it take for me to experience less frustration, and in doing so make my experience more satisfying and productive?"


*Bear in mind that it is possible to anticipate and address tomorrow's frustrations without worrying about them.

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