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Stephen Mayo | Embracing Tension

Embracing Tension

Oct. 11, 2020

Featherduster: "And when the moment's just right..."

Beast: "Well, how will I know?"

Cogsworth: "You will feel slightly nauseous"

          - Beauty and the Beast (2017)


There are 3 responses when things get uncomfortable: flee, fight or transform.

We flee when we try to make it go away, or seek solutions that don't involve discomfort ("earn $5k per week in 5 easy steps!").

We fight by attacking, arguing, negotiating and manipulating.

We transform by learning to see the situation more clearly, assessing the true threat, and responding from a place of creativity, intelligence and partnership.

It's easy to see tension as something to be avoided.

But what if we saw it as an opportunity for transformation?  If tension was an ally, not a threat, how much more courageous, collaborative and confident would you be?

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