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Stephen Mayo | Acting Confident vs. Being Confident

Acting Confident vs. Being Confident

Jan. 30, 2022
  1. Acting confident is pretending that you have no fear.  Being confident is knowing your fears will not stop you.
  2. Acting confident is pretending you have everything under control. Being confident is trusting you can handle whatever comes up.
  3. Acting confident is pretending that nothing bothers you.  Being confident is knowing you won’t let your moments of bother last for long.
  4. Acting confident is talking loudly to cover up tension.  Being confident is accepting that tension is part of the territory when change is on the table.
  5. Acting confident is about hiding your weaknesses.  Being confident is about acknowledging your weaknesses and working on them. The confident being knows that hiding anything can be a weakness itself.
  6. Acting confident is about covering up the undesirable parts of yourself.  Being confident comes from the willingness to be seen and known.
  7. Acting confident is about pretending to be something you’re not. Being confident is about accepting and embracing who you are.

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