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Stephen Mayo | Winning the Game vs. Choosing the Game

Winning the Game vs. Choosing the Game

Feb. 26, 2023

One can think of life as a series of games in which you try to reach or accomplish some objective.

These games can be short or long, important or trivial.  They include, among many others:


Between the games you actually play, and the games you could play, it's a long list.

One of the keys to a satisfying life, is to make prudent choices about which games you play.

It's easy to spend a lot of energy trying to succeed at a game that, upon reflection, you don't actually want to be playing.  For example:


Even if those games have some appeal, chances are there are bigger games that matter to you even more.

So as you throw yourself into your current game with gusto, you may want to reserve some attention to ask, "is this truly a game I want to be playing?"


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