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Stephen Mayo | Ready for the Pass

Ready for the Pass

March 17, 2024

Jason Williams was a point guard who played for 4 different NBA teams from 1998 to 2011. Known for his brilliant passing and creativity, Williams would regularly complete no-look, behind-the-back and other theatrical passes.  These unexpected flips of the ball frequently caught the opposing team off-guard, and sometime even surprised his own players.  In fact, his teammates learned to be ready at all times, because the ball could come zinging their way without notice.  If they weren’t prepared, they'd find themselves embarrassingly caught off-guard by a pass hitting them in the chest or the nose.

Imagine the lessons his teammates learned!


There’s a learning here for each of us.

It’s easy to become flustered when …


When we assume everything will going according to plan, we’re liable to be disappointed or look unprepared when it doesn't.

Or, we can expect the unexpected, and be like Jason Williams’ teammates:

  1. Build in a buffer to our schedule to so there’s room to shuffle in case of an emergency
  2. Maintain a flexible stance, and learn to go with the flow
  3. Be in position as much possible, so if something goes wrong, at least it’s only one thing at a time
  4. Expect surprises to happen, so that when one occurs our attitude is “ah, there you are…I knew you would show up eventually!” instead of “it’s not fair” or “just my luck”.


Bend your knees, get your hands up, and let the surprises begin.


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