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Stephen Mayo | The Magic is in YOU

The Magic is in YOU

March 10, 2024

If you like tennis, it will seem that tennis is like life.  You'll spot all these dynamics and nuances that have great lessons to teach.  You'll notice all the wonderful details that make the game a rich one to learn and play.  Everything you need to learn about's all here!

But if you like basketball or hockey or knitting or gardening or tinkering with computers, it will seem that those activities contain all the richness of life, too.  Everything you need to's here!

How is this possible?

It's because the activities themselves don't have the richness of life.  The activities have YOU. And because all you need for a rich life is you, then everywhere you bring yourself (the real you), you'll find life.  And everywhere you bring an inauthentic version of yourself, you'll find anxiety, frustration and boredom.

The secret to a satisfying life lies not in finding the right activities. It comes from finding the courage to bring The Real You, wherever you go. 


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