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Stephen Mayo | A Complete Stop

A Complete Stop

Oct. 24, 2021

On the road, there are lots of 4-way STOP signs, but not many 4-way SLOW’s. SLOW is highly subjective. How slow is slow? 5 miles per hour? 10? 40? If I pay closer attention instead of reducing speed, does that count? A driver can justify nearly any behavior to themselves. Once you open the door to anything other than a stop, it’s easy for that behavior to gradually escalate into something very different. In comparison, a stop is a stop. The car either came to a halt, or it didn’t. Likewise, for some things, there’s a big difference between doing it most of the time and doing it all of the time.



Power and conviction come from knowing where you stand on an issue.  And for some things, it’s helpful to draw a clear line in the sand.


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