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Stephen Mayo | Frisbee Fetch

Frisbee Fetch

Jan. 17, 2021

My wife and I play a game we call Frisbee Fetch.

I stand next to her. She throws the frisbee, and I sprint after it, trying to catch the disc before it hits the ground.  It's so simple, and yet I love it because (1) we do it together, and (2) there's something inherently satisfying about devoting all my abilities toward a single intended result: catching the frisbee before it hits the ground.

I think a lot of the stress and anxiety we experience in work and life comes from confusion about what we are chasing. Our energy and abilities get scattered in a million directions, making us less able to produce the results we most care about and more easily discouraged by fears and hesitations.  There is power in purpose. There is power in choosing.  There is power in deciding what to chase.

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