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Stephen Mayo | Shifting Your Perspective

Shifting Your Perspective

Jan. 10, 2021

A sleep-deprived new parent might give anything for a 2-hour nap (the same nap that a year ago he dismissed as a waste of time).

An architect, tired of working from home during COVID, might be eager to resume the 1-hour commute she complained about in the past. 

A newly-promoted software executive may remember fondly the days when she wrestled with difficult code as a software engineer. 

Nothing has changed about the nap, the commute or the coding process.  What has changed, is the individual's perspective.  They are now able to appreciate what seemed unpleasant in the past.

Oftentimes it takes a major event to trigger this shift in perspective.


But what's really rare is the individual who can shift their perspective without relying on a life-changing event.  Imagine if you could see, right now, what you will one day appreciate about this moment?  Imagine if you could experience that gratitude, right now?  What's particularly valuable is the ability to appreciate a challenging moment right now, in the middle of it.  Because 1) you might enjoy it more, and 2) from that perspective you may find you have access to all sorts of creativity and capability that help you do it more successfully.

The journey we call life is a long string of now's, one after another.  How will you look at yours?

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