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Stephen Mayo | Dream-worthy


Aug. 30, 2020

Jenny: “Do you ever dream, Forrest? About who you’re gonna be?”

Forrest: “Who I’m gonna be? Aren’t I gonna be me?”

          - Forrest Gump (1994)


What is it that seems so attractive about becoming someone else?


When I become a movie star...

When I get promoted to Director...

When I become a mother...

When I become more disciplined...

...then I'll be satisfied.


I think it's quite healthy to aspire to the attributes that we see in others.

But one of the dangers in our quest to become this 'better' version of ourselves is that we reject the current version in the process.  We judge ourselves for the traits we see as flaws. We disparage ourselves for the pace of our progress.

All this measurement, it becomes a distraction for what I think we really want: to see ourselves as someone worth loving.

But that course of action is available today, right now: to learn to see ourselves as acceptable, as we are, with all our facets and quirks.

If you could see yourself as dream-worthy, how might you see the rest of your life?

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