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Stephen Mayo | In Summary

In Summary

July 19, 2020

"The best test of a person’s intelligence is their capacity for making a summary"

          - British writer Lytton Strachey (found in the Apr. 28 edition of The Browser)



Isn't it wonderful when someone speaks up clearly and concisely, getting right to the heart of the matter?

When the conference call has been going for 25 minutes, seemingly in circles, isn't it refreshing to hear someone speak up and say "look, at the root of it, it seems we mostly agree on ____, and we need to decide on _____."

And isn't it nice when a friend can describe what they loved about a book without retelling the whole plot line?

Maybe this ability is a measure of intelligence, as Strachey suggests. But I suspect it has a lot more to do with muscles we all can improve:


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