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Stephen Mayo | Tips And Tricks Vs. Tried And True

Tips And Tricks Vs. Tried And True

Dec. 3, 2023

Everyone is looking for a tip, a trick, a shortcut or a habit. Something that will deliver most or all of the benefits, but for half the work.

But is the cut really shorter if you have to come back and re-do the work later? to repair the stuff you skipped?

The best "shortcuts" I know are the tried-and-true methods that work consistently. 


Putting in the work.

Building relationships that last.

Playing the long game.

Maintaining your tools and equipment.

Focusing on value instead of price. 

Eating well and exercising.

Prioritizing 'being exceptional' before worrying about 'looking exceptional'.


The fundamentals are not new, glamorous or flashy.  So we overlook them and start looking for shortcuts.  Wouldn't it be easier to stick to the basics?


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