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Stephen Mayo | Walk Over and Ask

Walk Over and Ask

Dec. 17, 2023

Relationships are like a middle school dance.

Across the room is that attractive person you want to dance with. All that's required is to walk over, invite them to dance, and 95% of the time they'll say yes.  But the fear of hearing "no" leads you to invent reasons to stay put.


They don't want to dance with me.

I'll look stupid.

What if I get rejected?

What will everyone say?


Adult relationships are this way too.  When a relationship hits a hitch, the repair is often as simple as one person walking across the room to say what's clear the air, apologize, ask what's going on, or tell them "I was really hurt by what you said".  

But our pride and fear get in the way, and instead we invent reasons why not to go over there.


They started it.  I shouldn't have to apologize.

It'll be weird if I go say something.

They should be the ones reaching out to me!

I don't need them. I'll just stay here.


And a potentially wonderful relationship withers because we're unwilling to make the first move.

Go on. Make that phone call. Send that invitation. You never know what might blossom from it. 


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